MEFO-BOX - Washing rack

Washing racks are used for holding several bulk material baskets.

An MF 4093/12 clamping lid can be used for washing rack MF4006/WG-2 (4 multi-holed plates on the long end). Alternatively, two MF4091/12 clamping lids can be used crossways. This also allows two stacks of bulk material baskets of different heights to be held firmly in place.

Washing racks may be stacked as desired with the corresponding MEFO-BOXes of the same size.

MEFO-BOX Standard series

Part No.   Outside dimension L 2 x B 2 x H     Roller conveyor dimension L 1 x B 1   Inside dimension L x B     Weight (kg)
MF4003/WG-1     471 x 321 x 200     452 x 303   430 x 280     4,0
MF4006/WG-1     651 x 471 x 300     632 x 450   610 x 430     4,3
MF4006/WG-2     651 x 471 x 300     632 x 450   610 x 430     5,8

All dimensions in mm

Download Brochure

For further details and technical specifications please refer to the
MEFO-BOX Brochure (PDF 6 MB)