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Systematic parts cleaning and goods transport
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Non-standard size cleaning batches – Brought to standard sizes easily with our smart adapter solutions.
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The workpiece holder system with maximum flexibility
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The linchpin of minimised handling charges for heavy parts
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Customised Solutions
Individual workpiece holders for the highest requirements
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Coating Data Sheet
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Reduced cleaning cost per unit and increased process reliability
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Coating Data Sheet
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The linchpin of minimised handling charges for heavy parts
Successful premier of the turning equipment for minimised handling costs for bulky components celebrated at the international leading trade fair parts2clean. The turning equipment for reducing time-consuming and costly implementation procedures of blisters in the workpiece carriers or vice-versa which was presented live was met with great interest in the professional circles. With our turning equipment, 75-90% of the handling costs can be reduced - here you will find out how. As a leader in technological matters, we also have other solutions for the reduction of handling costs for less bulky components.

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