Workpiece holders for kits

Workpiece holders for kits - so called kit trays - are designed to accommodate all individual parts of one assembly. The different parts of the assembly, consisting of two to many parts, can be compiled in a kit tray prior to cleaning and can be transported in this kit tray to the assembly area after cleaning. The part receptacles for the individual parts are designed part-specific.

In the actual assembly process, e.g. in laser technology or medical engineering or in production of fuel injection pumps or landing gears, kit trays offer numerous advantages. As the individual parts required for the particular product are supplied as one complete assembly, assembly interruptions due to missing components are impossible. Compared to the supply of sorted parts, assembly can be done much faster, because the time-consuming picking of parts from different containers is eliminated. At the same time the required storage space in the assembly area can be significantly reduced by the use of kit trays.

Kit trays do also offer potential for optimisation if new component assemblies have to be disassembled due to a faulty component or if used component assemblies have to be disassembled for maintenance. In these cases, all components of the disassembled component assembly stay together and defective parts may be exchanged. Another application for kit trays is the reprocessing of component assemblies, such as gears or motors. In these cases the compilation of the different components in kit trays avoids the mix-up of parts.

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