Component protection

To avoid damage when cleaning workpieces with sensitive surfaces, we offer various methods of protection for the components.

A special plastic grating, made of either PA or PP, which can be used on the base of the basket, as an intermediate layer and closure, prevents scratches or damage caused by metal on metal contact. This cost-effective plastic grating is a wearing part which must be replaced in regular intervals.

Inserting bottoms, compartment rods and other components are also optionally available with HALAR or RILSAN coating. These plastic coatings wear over time and must be reapplied at regular intervals.

Special temperature and media-resistant Teflon clips enable selective coating of the areas of compartment rods and separators that come into contact with the workpieces. Teflon clips are predominantly used for heavy and/or sharp-edged workpieces, where plastic coatings would wear too quickly.