Top quality accepts no compromises

Our cleaning and transport baskets are produced as standard from stainless steel rounds with an electrolytic polished surface. The high-quality, long-life material is suitable for all cleaning media and prevents return contamination from the basket to the component as well as contamination of the baths due to corrosion and zinc separation.

The use of rounds also offers advantages for cleaning. Unlike boxes from sheet or perforated sheet, our wire baskets have optimal drainage behaviour and minimised media carryover.

The uncompromising (cleaning) quality is further enhanced by the fact that our baskets are constructed without sheet metal frames and angles. There are therefore no parts of the basket where particles or dirt can collect, which would contaminate the component and/or cleaning medium.

As the rounds are completely welded together, there are no "sharp" corners, edges or wire ends, which retrieve the risk of injury.

For design reasons, baskets with mesh width 12 mm have a larger mesh at the corners. In the few cases where it is required, we can reduce the size of this mesh using an additional corner wire.

The large 16 mm stacking frame is not only compatible with customary cleaning and transport baskets, but also provides a high degree of stacking safety.

Electrolytic polishing makes the surface extremely smooth and closed. It also invests the components of the MEFO-BOX system with a high quality shine. This high quality look often means that the baskets are handled with greater care.