Solutions for the most varied of transport and cleaning jobs in industrial parts cleaning

When it comes to top quality, the following companies are not prepared to make any compromises. That is why they choose METALLFORM's "Made in Bretten" cleaning boxes. And the number of user reports is constantly growing.

Pero  |  Kumi Solutions Limited
Pero degreaser help Tenable turn the screw on SED
Kenilworth, UK. March 2007: With the solvent emissions regulations (SER) set to come into force on 31 October 2007, turned parts specialist Tenable Screw Co Ltd has decided to take early measures to avoid potential fines by replacing a non-compliant Pero solvent degreasing machine with a new Pero V1 universal solvent degreaser from sole UK agent Kumi Solutions Ltd.
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Oskar Rüegg AG
The fewer manual steps, the better
Components for the automotive industry have to meet strict quality standards. Yet with increasing cost pressure, companies in this sector are being forced to make their manufacturing as cost-effective as possible. To meet this challenge, a Swiss manufacturer of high-grade formed metal parts invested in customised cleaning trays. These allow the manual steps necessary in parts handling to be reduced to a minimum - while simultaneously doubling the batch volume. The savings made in this way allow amortisation of the investment within just one year. 
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The Perfect Parts Handling Solution
Safety is the top priority when cleaning components of medical devices. Individually designed parts holders offer the best possible protection for the components during the cleaning process and make parts handling easy, as the following practical example shows.
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Handling reduced by 90 Percent
Tailor-made parts baskets give a supplier to the automotive industry a more efficient cleaning process and, at the same time, significantly reduce manual handling during the packaging process.
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