Press releases 2014

Metallform expands production capacity
Area for production of cleaning baskets & workpiece holders increased by 40%
Metallform has responded to consistently high demand for efficient cleaning baskets and workpiece holders by expanding its wire production area by around 40 % and investing in staff and equipment.
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The optimum in both cleanliness and profitability
Flexible cleaning baskets deliver 50 % cost saving
The demanding cleanliness requirements placed on modern hydraulic parts can only be efficiently fulfilled with the aid of part-specific cleaning baskets. The enormous variety of parts produced by manufacturers of hydraulic components therefore forces them to use a large number of different workpiece holders.
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Expanded MEFO-BOX programme for higher efficiency
Up to 30 % more throughput and optimized workflows
Metallform's MEFO-BOX system is a comprehensive, flexible programme of cleaning baskets and accessories which makes a decisive contribution to the efficient execution of a variety of cleaning tasks.
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