Workpiece holders – designed down to the smallest detail

As a provider of complete solutions, we take care of the entire design of the workpiece holder. You simply give us the relevant data, such as charge dimension, goods movement (rotation, swivelling, etc.), parts data (dimensions, function areas, critical component areas). With this information we project and design
the workpiece holder using the latest CAD technology. On request, we can also develop the specifications for the packaging. This means your resources are not tied up in designing your equipment and instead remain available to you for your core processes.  

With our extensive know-how and many years of experience in workpiece holder design, we guarantee that your parts will be optimally positioned and fixed in the workpiece holder and that the use of the available space will be optimised. Our designers pay particular attention to the geometry of the part receptacles. The aim is to have as few contact points as possible between the part and the workpiece holder, and for any contact point to be as small as possible. This guarantees that contamination and cleaning media cannot stick to the part and also prevents the parts from not draining and drying fully at the contact points and thus forming stains.

Download checklist with the key points for the development of part-specific workpiece holders.