Cleaning effort – a question of the right basket

Whether 1000 microns, 800 microns, 600 microns or less - to meet defined particulate cleanliness requirements in a reliable and economical way, poses a challenge for many parts manufacturers. The cleaning baskets are one aspect that is often forgotten or considered too late when cleaning processes are planned. Although the cleaning baskets and workpiece holders have essential effects on quality, effort and costs of the parts cleaning as well as on handling and logistic processes.

The demand for a high throughput while maintaining defined cleanliness requirements can only be met with an optimal adapted cleaning process.The key factors here include the chemistry, temperature, processing time and mechanics like ultrasonic sound, spraying and injection flood washing From efficiency point a process is optimal, when the use of chemicals, temperature and time can be reduced to a minimum - thus the required result can be reached with high throughput within short time and at the lowest possible costs. This requires that the effect of the mechanical processes arrives to virtually 100 percent at the parts that have to be cleaned and that the potential of the machine can be fully used. Now the cleaning basket comes in. It decisively affects not only the quality, time and costs of cleaning but also affects the parts handling for upstream and downstream production steps, the logistics as well as the process automation.

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